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MedSchoolGym is a place to meet your community before you land in Dominica. Membership is $15 a month. We are keeping it cheap to cover the cost of basic maintenance without breaking the student bank.
SPECIAL LAUNCH RATE. As we build our community in this first semester please enjoy the special rate of $1 a month!
With membership you can:
  • MAKE ONE WATCH ONE - Making a video on what you learned helps you committ it to memory. Watching a video someone else made helps you stay on track.
  • WRITE ONE READ ONE - Blogs and forum. Up close and personal. Topics are school and community oriented.
  • ASK ONE ANSWER ONE - Didn't make sense in class? Ask it here and read the answers other students provide.
  • BUY ONE SELL ONE - Tired of trying to sell on the subway deck? Need something that James store doesn't have?
  • POLL ONE SEARCH ONE - Find common interests and answers easily.
  • HOST ONE RSVP ONE Create a club or event and keep your group on the same page.
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